when eyes
take flight

VISION AIRWAYS is your partner for your ultimate film production. we provide professional aerial services and modern cinematography worldwide. outstanding quality from 8k to full HD. if you'd like to stage a boat, a car or even another aircraft, we will enable you to get the most stunning pictures ever seen out of your ideas.

let your visions fly high…

velocity up to 100 km/h

temperatures down to -20° C

wind speeds up to 50 km/h

pay loads up to 14kg

licensed pilots & experienced
directors of photography

full frame camera raw gear

SONY venice ALEXA mini MONSTRO 8k 360° camera

helicopter & aircraft charter …if necessary


we tell every story with its tiny and heartwarming details in a passionate way that keeps the moment alive and leads it to eternity. from the ice in very down under antarctica to the dunes of the namib desert. from the peaks of the andean mountain to the pacific unknown underwater world. in cooperation with a fine selection of experienced directors and cinematographers, productions of highest value and quality make each film an unforgettable experience.

The Unknown Life of Antarctica

Stunning expanses of ice and rocks, lasting snow storms, unimaginable cold and infinite loneliness – Antarctica is one of the last pristine areas of our planet. Nothing but penguins, southern elephant seals, Antarctic fur seals and birds. Except in the Antarctic summer when about 500 scientists and globetrotters arrive to discover the very edge of the world.

Joanna Michna and Lars Pfeiffer also entered this terrain in 2016, more precisely King George Island, one of the Southern Shetland Islands lying amidst Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. For the purposes of research, they spent not only the Antarctic summer, but also persevered the Antarctic winter with up to -50 degrees.

The documentary “The Unknown Life of Antarctica” tells about their year in the Antarctica in two episodes. Aside the imposing flora and fauna of the White Continent, commentator Rufus Beck also narrates the protagonists’ individual experiences and challenges. Unique pictures give detailed impressions on this fascinating spot on earth and its species.